Most of us are trying to achieve something. Lose weight. Finish college. Mend a broken relationship. Get a new job. Launch your own business. Care for a sick relative or friend. Love yourself more. The list of what people are trying to do is endless. What are you trying to do?

Understanding how people translated their dreams into reality has become a passion project for me.  Back in 2009 my research started to focus heavily on backstories, historical events, and the academic research that examined how people navigated the chaos of life. After all, regardless of the time period, life has always been chaotic. But some people have successfully figured out how to........... fill in the blank. 

So what is Navigate the Chaos about? It's about a daily question to ask yourself. Each day presents a new opportunity to learn, grow, and reflect. Through this reflection we can increase our self-awareness; the catalyst for navigating the chaos.


Since most of us are busy and have hectic schedules, each daily blog post is designed to be read in under five minutes. Surely you can find five minutes out of your day to consider answering the Navigate the Chaos  question in order to increase your self-awareness?

Best wishes as you consider each day's question as you travel the path of navigating the chaos.


P.S. To connect with me use the Contact Form or follow @chaosnavigation on Instagram.

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