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What small things do you do to help your team?

Today is November 17 and the Navigate the Chaos question to consider is “How often are you willing to do the small things in order to lead a team or organization?”

People who navigate the chaos understand that anything worthwhile in life requires teamwork.

Martine Rothblatt is an American lawyer, author, and entrepreneur responsible for creating SiriusXM Satellite Radio in 2002. Rothblatt was born in Chicago and raised in a suburb of San Diego, California. Rothblatt left college after two years and traveled throughout Europe, Turkey, Iran, Kenya, and the Seychelles.

It was at the NASA tracking station in the Seychelles, during the summer of 1974, that she had her epiphany to unite the world via satellite communications. She then returned to University of California, Los Angeles, graduating summa cum laude in communication studies in 1977, with a thesis on international direct-broadcast satellites. Twenty-five years later she would help launch satellite radio with the broadcast of Sirius/XM Radio.

Rothblatt noted “Anything worthwhile in life requires teamwork, and you cannot manage what you don't understand. My favorite thing to do at work is to walk around and talk to people. Each person is like a library of information. The more I know about a person, the better able I am to connect them to other people with synergistic interests -- a leader works for those they lead.”

Lawrence Bell, the founder of Bell Aircraft, said that anyone unwilling to do small things should not be trusted to do big things. Running a business is a very big thing, because you are having an outsize effect on countless people's lives.” How often are you willing to do the small things in order to lead a team or organization?

How often do you take the time out of your day to learn about the people who work on your team or in your organization?

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