• Michael Edmondson

How often do you nurture yourself?

Today is November 16 and the Navigate the Chaos question to consider is “How often do you nurture yourself?”

People who navigate the chaos understand that if they are to serve others in any capacity, they must first take care of themselves.

Harvard Business School historian Nancy F. Koehn wrote “We forget that the single most important thing we must do to walk a worthy and higher path is to take good care of ourselves. If we want to serve, and love others, and have a powerful impact we must love and nurture ourselves.”

Such thinking has been around for centuries.

“Socrates gave two injunctions: Care for oneself and know oneself. He and other ancient ethicists understood that caring for ourselves is to exhibit an attitude not only toward ourselves, but also toward others and the world, to attend to our own thoughts and attitudes in self-reflection and meditation, and to engage in ascetic practices aimed at realizing an ideal state of being. Maintaining a certain regard for ourselves and engaging in self-compassion and self-care are actually fundamental to creating a good life for ourselves and the people who matter most to us.”

As you navigate the chaos often do you nurture yourself?

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