Analysts at PricewaterhouseCoopers said that by the early 2030s, 38% of US jobs are at a high risk of automation, more than in Germany, the UK, and Japan.

PwC revisited two notable studies on the topic. The first was from 2013, in which Oxford University researchers said that 47% of US jobs would be lost to computerization in the next few decades. Those results were based on whole occupations that could be at risk from automation. The other study was from 2016, in which OECD staff said the figure was actually closer to 10% when analyzing the specific tasks within jobs that were likely to be automated.


The PwC analysts took the task-based approach a step further. In addition to breaking down occupations into manual tasks, routine tasks, computation, socials skills, and literacy skills, they included some details about the workers doing the jobs, particularly the education and training required.

Jobs At Risk From Automation

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