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September 1 - How often do you remind yourself that your life will probably be a windy road?

September 2 - How often do you remind yourself to have hope?

September 3 - How often do you remind yourself to use what happens instead of trying to control what happens?

September 4 - Do you think about yesterday so much that it gets in the way of your tomorrow?

September 5 - Do you have a will to win or a will to prepare to win?

September 6 - Do you see the opportunity in every difficulty?

September 7 - Are you adjusting your sails to propel yourself forward?

September 8 - Do you wait until the iron is hot to strike it or do you heat it by striking it?

September 9 - How often do you remind yourself to never quit?

September 10 - What do you value more: time or money?

September 11 - When your dream is derailed for years do you give up or find another way?

September 12 - How often do you remind yourself that navigating the chaos requires a variety of strategies since there is no one path, secret, or right way?

September 13 - How often are you waiting for external validation of your efforts?

September 14 - How often do you do what you can’t do in order to learn how to do it?

September 15 - How often do you throw stones at those showing you a new road?

September 16 - How often do you remind yourself that technique and ability are not enough?

September 17 - How often do you remind yourself that somethings are bigger than yourself?

September 18 - Can you ignore the ridicule to keep going?

September 19 - How do you react to fear, pain, confusion, or sadness?

September 20 - Do you realize that you are not the victim of your circumstances but the master of them?

September 21 - Do you follow your intense obsessions mercilessly?

September 22 - Have you chosen to live your life like a superb meteor or a sleepy planet?

September 23 - How often do you remind yourself that the world needs people who have come alive?

September 24 - How often do you help multiply opportunities in order to seize them?

September 25 - How often do you define, and then redefine, your definition of success?

September 26 - How often do you remind yourself to make your life into beautiful art?

September 27 - How often do you make excuses that prevent you from doing your best?

September 28 - Before you criticize someone, how often do you ask yourself what fault of yours most nearly resembles the one that you are about to criticize?

September 29 - How often do you demonstrate empathy to connect with others?

September 30 - How often do you remind yourself that you came into this world to live out loud?

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