October questions

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October 1 - How often do you remind yourself that the direction in which you are moving is far greater than where you currently stand?

October 2 - How often do you realize that you have a choice to either alter the difficulties or alter yourself to meet them?

October 3 - How often do you stand by your principles amidst pressure to change?

October 4 - How often are you taking risks?

October 5 - How often are you willing to ask for help?

October 6 - How often do you think differently?

October 7 - How often do you work on your creativity?

October 8 - How often are you improving your own corner of the universe?

October 9 - How often do you view something as hopeless yet remain determined to make them otherwise?

October 10 - How often do you remind yourself that your character can be altered?

October 11 - How often do you give or take an excuse?

October 12 - How often can you move forward without knowing the way or having a plan?

October 13 - How often do you remain open to having a coach?

October 14 - How often do you express contempt prior to investigation?

October 15 - How often do you leave room for the next lesson in your life to enter?

October 16 - How often do you allow yourself to be terrible?

October 17 - How often do you know your mind well enough not to trust it?

October 18 - How often do you remind yourself to be on guard against confirmation bias?

October 19 - How often do you take joy in the quiet contemplation of delicate thoughts, sights, sounds, and feelings?

October 20 - Is your deepest fear that you are inadequate or that you are powerful beyond measure?

October 21 - What skills, traits, and habits can you rely on to travel down a winding career path?

October 22 - When given one last chance, how often do you give it everything you have in order to land the job?

October 23 - When things are going well for you, how often do you seek to improve yourself?

October 24 - How often are you proud of who you are?

October 25 - How often do you care what others say?

October 26 - How often do you let the past define you?

October 27 - How often are you demonstrating aggression against yourself?

October 28 - How often do you defining and discovering your destiny?

October 29 - How often do you remind yourself that you have a limited amount of time and energy?

October 30 - How often do you just go along not bothering?

October 31 - How often do you work towards a life of being uncommon?

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