November questions

November 1 - How often do you take the road less traveled?

November 2 - How often do you gather strength from distress?

November 3 - How often can you move forward without a grand plan?

November 4 - How often do you have a bias towards action?

November 5 - What is your true grit score?

November 6 - How often do you practice the different types of courage?

November 7 - How often do you remind yourself to learn and grow?

November 8 - How often do you deal with reality?

November 9 - How often do you allow an obstacle from getting in your way?

November 10 - How often do you remind yourself that spending time with people is a necessity of happiness?

November 11 - How often do you remind yourself of the lessons you won’t learn in school?

November 12 - How often do you remain open to innovation and creativity?

November 13 - How often are you working towards doing something that others think impossible?

November 14 - How often do you work on developing your vision?

November 15 - How often can you go against conventional wisdom and stay strong amidst the loneliness of doing so?

November 16 - How often do you nurture yourself?

November 17 - How often are you willing to do the small things in order to lead a team or organization?

November 18 - How often do you do your best work even if the project is small?

November 19 - How often do you ask others what they think?

November 20 - How often do you find yourself putting off living?

November 21 - How often do you trade in your reality for a role?

November 22 - How often do you let being terrified keep you from moving forward?

November 23 - How often are you so honest with yourself?

November 24 - How often do you express gratitude for those who have gone before you?

November 25 - How often do you allow imaginary difficulties to stop you from moving forward?

November 26 - Are you hated for what you are or loved for what you are not?

November 27 - How often do you deal with the delicious ambiguity of life?

November 28 - How often do you remind yourself that effort and experience are the true teachers?

November 29 - How often do you go out and meet glory and danger alike?

November 30 - How often do you live with regret?

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